Lifestyle according to Rocca dei Forti

Sparkling wine has been reinvented to become the protagonist of your evenings. From a simple complement, to a key player in the most diverse social events. Outdoor aperitifs, candlelit dinners, evenings with friends, beach parties, birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings. Sparkling wine today is the symbol of a modern lifestyle in continual movement. A Lifestyle marked by the chinking of glasses, real emotions, authentic pleasures to share with friends or a partner. Today more than ever, our idea of sparkling wines has evolved, to satisfy not only those looking for the right accompaniment for a fish or white meat dish, but also for those who want to experience a moment of absolute pleasure.

Inviting friends for dinner, going out for a meal, dancing, talking … living! During a person’s day there are many occasions to get together, have fun and make a toast. It could be a house-warming or surprise party for your colleague’s 30th birthday, the presentation of a new book in a bookshop or Friday evening in an exclusive bar with your partner…
On holiday or in everyday life, in formal contexts or with life-long friends, outside in summer or in front of the fire in winter, life should be savoured to the full: to help you do this, we at Rocca dei Forti have created a collection of sparkling wines for you to discover. Because behind every toast there are infinite possibilities and because every possibility is an emotion that should be enjoyed without compromise.