Primo, secondo e dolce

Many sparkling wines, just one aim: to enhance your dishes

We know how important lunch and dinner are to your everyday life. Apart from the time, the occasion or number of guests, what counts is being able to do your best at the table. This is why Rocca dei Forti has created a range of sparkling wines to go with every dish, perfect for accentuating the taste and aroma of simple or more elaborate creations. Let’s take the Passerina D.O.C. for example; it is excellent for savoury starters like the typical stuffed and fried Ascolano olives, a traditional dish from the same area that the Passerina grape variety is grown.

But also the Verdicchio D.O.C., excellent as an aperitif or on the table as a classy accompaniment to fish dishes. For those who prefer a great classic aperitif, we recommend the Prosecco D.O.C. which, with its lively perlage and fresh taste, is the ideal accompaniment for young cheeses and cured meats.

For your more informal social events, try our Brut, whose pleasant fruity aroma is sure to win you over. Winning choices in various situations, also for the most demanding guests!

Between a Dolce and a Brut in terms of residual sugar, the soft and frothy taste of Demi Sec makes it perfect to accompany an informal dinner with old friends. Rocca dei Forti has modernised its tradition following the harmony of nature, where everything is simple, vital and genuine. The new Brut Organic sparkling wine is made from vineyards that are certified and cultivated under Organic Farming Methods.

Cuvée n°1: more than just food pairings, sensory experiences

But let’s go to the top of the Rocca dei Forti winery’s range: the Extra Dry Vintage Cuvée n°1, a real must for anyone looking for an authentic sensory experience. Cuvée n°1 lends itself well to infinite pairings, with all courses of a meal, including hot and cold dishes, with meat or fish and vegetables, or as an aperitif to enhance tasty fried food or inventive finger food.

Authentic Taste becomes Vintage

The carefully selected grapes from a single vintage of the characteristic vineyards of Northern Italy, have given life to two new Vintage Rocca dei Forti sparkling wines. Prosecco D.O.C. Rosé is pleasant and well balanced, perfect for refined shellfish dishes and sushi. Ribolla Gialla is best paired with roasted fish, seafood salads and delicate white meats.

Also desserts need a glass of sparkling wine

For desserts, like for starters and main courses, there is a wide choice ranging from Moscato, sublime with pastries, cream cakes hazelnut cakes and desserts in general, to Brachetto, the sweet red sparkling wine for chocoholics, moving on to Dolce, spectacular with desserts at the end of a meal and Rosso Dolce, the ideal sparkling wine for biscuits and dried fruit and nuts.

Now all you have to do is try the sparkling wines from the Rocca dei Forti collection and choose your favourite. Wherever they may take your senses, we are sure that you will come back satisfied. Enjoy tasting the wines!